Chatham gemstones have gorgeous color: verdant green emeralds, velvety blue sapphires and screaming red rubies. Our gems also have lovely clarity that makes them glow with light. Choosing Chatham means exceptional beauty and quality without compromises.
Milestones…those indelible sign posts that mark key moments in life’s journey.
Benchmark produces the highest quality wedding rings worldwide. Set your love in stone today.
Created with versatile lifestyle in mind, the fashionable designs merge old-world craftsmanship with new-world technology to offer impeccably constructed necklaces, bracelets and rings as well as hand-wrought and electro-form earrings.
The I DO Collection is a collection of affordable yet elegant contemporary, traditional and vintage Bridal Engagement Sets that includes exclusive designs, elegant styling, high-quality craftsmanship and affordable prices.
The introduction of two-stone jewelry proved to be a hugely successful launch and provided consumers one of the hottest gifts available this past holiday season.! Now the secret is out and consumers will be seeking this product in droves.
Savor the extraordinary Le Vian Chocolatier® collections featuring Chocolate Diamonds®, Le Vian®'s international brand of natural fancy color brown diamonds. Le Vian® is the only company in the world to make jewelry with Chocolate Diamonds®.
PANDORA designs, manufactures and markets hand-finished and contemporary jewellery made from high-quality materials at affordable prices. PANDORA celebrates women by offering them the opportunity for personal expression through our universe of high-quality and contemporary jewelry.
True Romances' design team works with great skill to ensure that each design maximizes the brilliance of the diamonds. Our graceful designs are crafted with clean, classic lines for exceptional beauty and brilliance. True Romance reflects contemporary fashion while always remaining true to its principles as a classic American design.
Renowned for its innovative design, MFIT® provides the most relaxed fit in men’s jewelry. The patented interior creates minimal pressure points allowing skin to breathe freely. The MFIT® interior can be applied to almost any style and design. Groundbreaking MFIT® technology has evolved into the ultimate band for the modern man.
A dazzling, unspoken statement of love and eternal devotion. Valina Bridals bridal sets are a convergence of beauty, emotion, and unmatched craftsmanship. All Valina Bridals engagement rings have a matching wedding band, both containing the signature diamonds.
The introduction of two-stone jewelry proved to be a hugely successful launch and provided consumers one of the hottest gifts available this past holiday season.! Now the secret is out and consumers will be seeking this product in droves.
Bridal Bells is more than just a brand of Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands. We are a global consortium, with design, manufacturing, and diamond purchasing facilities throughout the world. Bridal Bells relentlessly pursues perfection in both the products that we offer, as well as the customer service that we provide.
King Baby is designed for jewelry enthusiasts who appreciate value and artisan products. These special pieces capture the spirit of America with rock n' roll sex appeal.
Kendra Scott, colorful gemstones, and quality design... beautiful accessories that make you feel like your most confident self.
A national award winning designer, Mémoire combines the best classic designs with state of the art technology to create exceptional quality jewelry. Create a moment or remember one with jewelry from Memoire.
Lafonn believes that every woman of every age, ethnicity, and lifestyle should own a beautiful, well-made piece of jewelry and is committed to providing all women an opportunity to own a flawless piece of exquisitely designed jewelry at a price that is within reach. Their vision is to enable every woman to feel and look chic not only for a special occasion, but at any moment, day or night.
The Samuel B. Collection is inspired by the immeasurable beauty of nature and the ancient traditions of Balinese and Thai jewelry craftsmanship. Each handcrafted piece of silver jewelry from Samuel B. is brought to life by hand-selected diamonds, gemstones, pearls, polished shell, and 18-karat gold adornment.

"Genuine pearls for real people”, Honora makes high quality, cultured pearls designed to let every woman find her own unique way to glow.

Starting from hand-drawn sketches, each piece of jewelry is designed and produced in the USA.  VAHAN was founded in 1968 by classically trained French Designer Sacha Der Calousdian.  From a modest, one man, Manhattan based studio, Sacha has grown the company into a leading American made, family run jewelry brand.